"How many miles of trail?," you ask? Well with thousands of privately-owned acres to enjoy, our minds are free from such limited thinking.

There are "Primary" trails which are marked for ease of navigation, but as long as you stay on-property and out of designated industrial areas, you are free to roam. Intrepid members have blazed countless miles of trail through all sorts of terrain.

Trail One (14 Miles)
This trail has a variety of terrain throughout. To find Trail One, travel up Sara to Wilona. It starts out a little bumpy and moves onto a rocky section. The trail travels through the "woop tail" and across Route 125 to the "turnpike" and loops back around across Route 125 and back to the office.

Trail Two (4 Miles)
The smoothest trail we have. This is a short cut - straight loop - off of Trail One. It has a play area and wide open section.

Trail Three
The Kiddie Track. Known for its kid-friendly appeal. Just a short distance from the office, travel up Elena until you see the Trail Three gate, cross Township Road, and you're there.

Trail Four
Starts out as a camp road, leaves the campground to the west, then loops back to the Kiddie Track on Trail Three. Head west through the campground traveling on Elena to the big parking lot to Valley View and then Trail Four. Here you will find Brad's Hill, a nice overlook with very rocky sections.

Trail Five
A small loop off of Trail Four, which has a rocky section.

Trail Six (7 Miles)
This trail can be picked up while riding the turnpike on Trail One. Trail Six is a decent trail, traveling along the ridge. There is a very small section where it gets a bit treacherous on a hill.

Trail Seven
Accessible only by guided ride as it leaves our riding range and requires special permission.

Trail Eight
This trail extends off of Trail Four and is for the most experienced and skilled riders. It's very rocky and very steep.

Trail Nine (9 Miles)
This is a fun loop off of Trail One with a mix of terrain. Some of the smoothest riding across Route 125.